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Retirement Planning doesn't have to be overwhelming!

Join thousands of Chicagoland people just like YOU and get ready to prepare for the retirement of your dreams!


Discover the steps you can take to help maximize your retirement nest egg and not outlive your money.

This FREE (limited time) event will bring together some of Chicagoland’s top retirement professionals to teach you the latest strategies they are using to help their clients enjoy safer and more successful retirements.

September 9-11, 2021

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The Retire Wiser Chicagoland

Virtual Summit

3 Days of Retirement Insights & Planning!



Great question, and we’re glad you asked. Here’s a taste of what you’ll discover by joining the free Retire Wiser Chicagoland Summit:

  • The simple steps you can take to outsmart the latest identity theft scams.
  • A behind the scenes look at how Medicare enrollment works so you can save time, avoid frustration and maximize your benefits.
  • The best tools to protect yourself against the devastating cost of long-term care expenses (even if you don’t buy insurance).
  • Discover the 8 critical investment principles every investor must know.

  • The ins and outs of appealing your high Illinois property taxes.

  • Learn how income taxes can devour your estate (and what you can do about it).

  • How to overcome investment challenges and recognize Wall Street lies.

  • and SO MUCH MORE!


Do you ever worry about being financial secure in retirement?

Are you concerned that you’re paying too much in taxes on your investments?

Do you ever worry about how your portfolio will perform in the next market downturn?

Are you concerned that you don’t have a proper estate plan in place?

The Retire Wiser Summit Features Some of the Most Influential and Respected Professionals in the Chicagoland Area

Be ready to be inspired and well informed.

This isn't a forum put on by your local library, this is a one of a kind event with passionate, engaging speakers. Our speakers will focus on educating you, we'll lean in together on the subject of transitioning from accumulation to decumulation in a way that is personal. You'll be challenged to continue reaching for your highest potentials financially.

Andrea Donovan

Senior Living Advisor

Topic: Helping Your Parents Find Senior Living

Jeff Lanza

Retired FBI Special Agent

Topic: Outsmarting Identify Theft Scams

Darryl Jensen

Chicagoland Insurance Professional

Topic: Insurance Planning for Retirement

Ken Piercey

Attorney & Estate Planning Specialist

Topic: Serving as an Executor of an Estate

Lori Rowe

Chicagoland Real Estate Agent

Topic: Retirement Relocation: What You Must Know Before You Take Your Next Step

Jerilyn Willin

Retirement Coach

Topic: Retirement Coaching

Dr. Bill Lloyd

Former CNN Host & Retired Physician

Topic: Healthcare Expenses in Retirement

Alex Guilbeau, CFP®

Dimensional Fund Advisors

Topic: Investment Allocation

Dr. Lucie Bianchi

Direct Primary Care Physician

Topic: Concierge Medicine

Rod Crandall

Long Term Care Insurance Specialist

Topic: Long Term Care Planning

Ray Jackson

Chicagoland Mortgage Broker

Topic: Mortgage Approval in Retirement

Shirley Gallant

Attorney & Elder Law Specialist

Topic: Medicaid Planning

Rodney Piercey

Attorney & Estate Planning Specialist

Topic: Estate Income Tax Planning

Daria Palermo

Property Tax Appeal Attorney

Topic: Appealing Illinois Property Taxes

Larry Swedroe

Chief Research Officer Buckingham Wealth Partners

Topic: Recognizing Wall Street Lies

Tom Clark

Speaker & Retired Social Security Administration Employee

Topic: Understanding Medicare

Dr. Robert Uhland

Chicagoland Business Broker

Topic: Selling Your Business

John Bever, CFP®

Summit Host & President of Phase 3 Advisory Services

Topic: 7 Things you Must Know Before You Transition Out of Your Business

Jim Uren, CFP®

Host & Creator of the Retire Wiser Chicagoland Summit

Topic: 8 Critical Investment Principles

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15+ Hours of Training

These training sessions are jam packed with valuable information that will speak directly to your circumstances. If you are nearing retirement and you've built substantial savings, chances are you've already thought through a million questions, reached out to advisors and are patiently looking to the future; these training are built to add to and increase your foundation of knowledge for your planning. This summit is designed to be a personal guide for you as you continue to make decisions that will ensure you are managing your finances in a way that is consistent with your life purpose and passions. 

24 Hour Access

We know, you have many things going on and perhaps an already full schedule. That's why the Retire Wiser Summit will be available to you with 24 Hour Access. You can take in the information and planning guidance at your own pace, however you choose!

Meet Your Hosts

The Retire Wiser Summit is brought to you by Jim Uren and John Bever from Phase 3 Advisory Services. Together they have one mission in mind for this summit - to help the soon-to-be retirees complete their pre-retirement checklist by gathering local, retirement related professionals into one educational (and virtual) retirement summit. They want to take the work and worry out of retirement and create a space for high net worth individuals to feel encouraged, inspired, honored and excited about their retirement.

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This event has passed. Purchase the recordings below.  


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What Are You Waiting For?

Learn how to manage your wealth and align your finances with your
life purpose as you enter into this incredible season.

Join us from the comfort of your own home, on your own schedule for the Retire Wiser Summit! 

Join over 20 speakers for over 3 days to learn about topics like:
Giving generously in the most tax efficient way and
Changing your investment focus to sustainable income throughout retirement.

It's time to take the work and worry out of managing your finances!

September 9-11, 2021

This event has passed. Purchase the recordings below.   










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